Themus ensemble


Mansoor Hosseini


is artistic director of Themus Ensemble and he composes theatrical music pieces for them. He studied percussion in Sweden, with Thomas Fristedt and Bo Holmstrand,at the Gothenburg Music Conservatory. Later, he went to Paris and studied composition with Phillipe Capdenat at Conservatoire Nadia & Lili Boulanger, and with Professor Yoshihisa Taïra at the Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris. Hosseini joined the theory classes of Raphael D'Haene and computer-music classes of Peter Swinnen at the Royal Music Conservatory of Brussels.His final composition courses were at the Gothenburg Music Conservatory, with Carl-Axel Hall. Studies and researches in Musical theater with George Aperghis, contemporary dance with Tero Saarinen and Martial Arts have influenced his theatrical music and dance compositions. His Kung-Fu practices have given him motives for the choreographies he created, both for musicians and dancers. Some of these creations were realized in participation with the contemporary music / theater ensemble, Arte Vivain Paris under the direction of Pascal Pistone. ( Mansoor’s compositions have been performed in various music and theatre festivals in USA, France, Germany, Serbia,Sweden, Norway and other countries. He is musical director of THEMUS, an international musical theatre festival, which will have premier march 2008 in Gothenburg.

Andreas Hall 


has studied the saxophone and clarinet at the Music University of Gothenburg with Professor Sten Pettersson. At the same time he was taught improvisation by Anders Hagberg and Anders Jormin. Andreas himself has been teaching saxophone, clarinet and flute in several music schools in and around Gothenburg since 2003. Andreas has played at different jazz and folk music festivals with his wind quartet. The group Mess and the Ingvar Andersson quartet have occasionally invited him to perform with them at various jazz festivals and jazz clubs in and outside Sweden. We also find a wide range of contemporary music in his repertoires.



Tony Blomdahl   


has studied composition for professor Sven-David Sandström at Gotland school of composition 1995-97. He also studied composition for professor Ole Lützow-Holm at the Gothenburg University 1999-2003. Blomdahl mostly composes music for smaller chamber ensembles, electro acoustic music and working with sound art and installations. Larger works such as symphonic orchestral pieces and string orchestra are also in his list of works. His Music is mainly performed in Sweden, both in national TV and the national radio, but has also been performed abroad in France, Albania and USA ( Tony´s operette Laika, the space dog, for children, has become a successful and toured project. Tony is also director of Geiger music group who created their second consecutive music festival October 2008.